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How Leadership Development Strategies Can Enhance Your Business

The business landscape is always evolving, and the strength and adaptability of leadership often determine a company’s ability to thrive. While many possess intrinsic leadership traits, there are subtleties and skills that even the most seasoned professionals can refine. This continuous development is where consulting plays an invaluable role. The need for polished leadership is

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Breaking down the role of HR: the 3-layer cake

Breaking down the role of HR: The 3-layer cake

Growing companies should consider the three-layer cake of HR: risk mitigation, operations optimization, and talent strategy. Unless we set the proper foundation for growth and assemble our cake correctly, it might collapse. Read more on how our CEO, Robert Newland breaks down the role of HR as a 3-layer cake.

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Hiring a COO_Combatting the Integrator Blues

Hiring a COO: Combatting the Integrator Blues

If you’re the founder and CEO of a business, you’re likely used to doing everything. If you don’t do it, you imagine it won’t get done (and especially not correctly). However, no one can do everything at once, and there is only so much growth you can achieve when one person wears every hat. Here our

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Hiring a leader_should I DIY It

Hiring a Leader: Should I DIY It?

Owners and CEOs who decide to go the DIY route on recruitment for high-level appointments often lack the network to handpick the right candidate or the internal tools to process a large volume of job applicants. Our CEO, Robert Newland, goes into how leaders should honest with themselves about whether they have enough experience—and time—for

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Diversity in hiring means embracing remote work

As a recruiter, I’ve encountered many CEOs who speak excitedly about bringing their employees back into the office. “It will increase engagement! Raise productivity! Things will go back to normal!” The problem is, when I talk to many prospective hires, their reaction to full-time in-person work is, “No way.” Over the last few decades, more companies

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What It Really Takes to Run a Nonprofit

Non-profit Success: What it Really Takes to Run a Nonprofit

Running a non-profit isn’t for the faint of heart or for those seeking a peaceful retirement. It requires an intense dedication to the cause, an ability to navigate complex web of stakeholders, and a readiness to embrace an all-consuming role. More than the challenges of fundraising and governance, non-profit leadership requires a fundamental shift in

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