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Management Consultants

What Do Management Consultants do?

There are many ways management consultants serve their clients —from providing functional expertise to being an objective party in a major decision a company is making. Management consultants are experts at assisting businesses to scale performance and solve problems. This work is often centered around helping organizational leadership improve overall operations. More recently, management consulting

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Recruiting Tips

Puerto Rico’s House Bill Makes Changes for Employers With Little Exception

Puerto Rico has enacted legislation (House Bill 1244) that makes significant revisions to rules governing probationary periods, vacation and sick leave, meal periods, annual Christmas bonuses, and other requirements under the island’s labor laws. Effective Dates: Unless an employer is a medium-sized business or smaller, the employer must comply with House Bill 1244 by July 20,

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Executive search and recruiting services

6 Vital Steps when Onboarding Executives

Your organization almost certainly has an employee onboarding process for new hires, but does it extend to onboarding executives? Executive roles vary widely from that of most new hires, and yet newly hired leaders are just unfamiliar to your organization as other rookies. To be successful when hiring and onboarding an executive, it’s important that

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happy female employee

It’s All About Onboarding Strategy

Are new executive hires being set up for success? It seems as though that’s not always the case. A lot of North American executives do not receive formal onboarding for their new roles, and even less so in the United States. To top off a large group not being properly onboarded, the process is usually

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