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5 strategies to drive growth and development for your teams

The pandemic and Great Resignation, The Big Quit, and Quiet Quitting have proven that workplace and culture have shifted from an employer-driven ecosystem to an employee-driven one. Developing a well-suited and sustainable employee development strategy will take a lot of brainpower and brainstorming. Organizations can no longer take employee loyalty for granted. Below, we share

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Management Consultants

How Leadership and Work Culture is Reshaping in Puerto Rico

The quality of supervision you receive has a direct impact on the commitment, performance, and well-being of an employee. Two key factors have changed the nature of supervision in recent years: the entrance of young generations into the labor market and the physical distance caused by the pandemic. Other economic, emotional, and sociocultural events in Puerto

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Executive Search

6 Steps in Aligning Employees to Business Strategy

When it comes to the people aspect of executing business strategies – mainly ensuring that employees and teams fully know what it is and understands it – it can be a challenge. Like the “telephone game” – where you whisper a message around in a circle, and it invariably changes at the end – senior

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Management Consultants

What Do Management Consultants do?

There are many ways management consultants serve their clients —from providing functional expertise to being an objective party in a major decision a company is making. Management consultants are experts at assisting businesses to scale performance and solve problems. This work is often centered around helping organizational leadership improve overall operations. More recently, management consulting

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