Outplacement Services delivered by Newland HR strengthen the employer brand and help departing employees transition successfully into a new role.

Reskill & Upskill Exiting Employees

Give your exiting employees an edge up by helping them skill up and find a new job faster.

Mitigate Risk

Reduce the chance of workplace violence or a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Protect Your Company Image

Maintain a positive company culture and be viewed as an employer of choice in the market.

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Career Transition Specialists

Newland HR offers personalized online and in-person support to help displaced employees at all levels transition to new career opportunities.

As a certified firm of Career Partners International for the Caribbean region, you can rest assured your assigned certified Senior Career Coaches are best in class.

For over 30 years, Newland HR has been helping organizations with proven programs to help transitioning employees find their next job faster!

Career Transition Programs

Outplacement | Newland HR Services

Outplacement & Career Transition

Our virtual and in-person services help laid-off employees identify new opportunities so they can land their next job faster. Our exclusively designed outplacement programs strengthen the employer brand and help departing employees transition successfully into a new role.

Outplacement | Newland HR Services

Career Management Services

PowerMyWork is a solution that has been developed to support your organization’s employee experience and engagement strategy to better assist employees explore their individual strengths, interests and how to best align their career goals with the organization’s strategic objectives.

Outplacement | Newland HR Services

PowerMyCareer OS

PowerMyCareer OS is designed to help transitioning employees quickly create a personal brand, identify and attract new opportunities, and land in their next role no matter where they are. The tool is 100% virtual and available 24/7. Quickly re-skill exiting employees with over 350 e-learning courses and certifications.

Outplacement | Newland HR Services

Great Job Opportunities are Waiting for You!

Are you a senior executive looking for a new job opportunity? If an opportunity matches your career goals and skills, we'll reach out to you to get to know you better.

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A Career Partners International Firm ​

Newland HR is an equity owner in Career Partners International (CPI) that serves thousands of clients, making it one of the leading consultancies in the world. With more than 300 locations, Career Partners International is a leading provider of Outplacement, Career Management, Executive Coaching, and Leadership Development Services. Newland HR brings this expertise to you across the Caribbean and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Navigating Uncertainty Requires a New Playbook

The working world is in a constant state of flux. Methods to secure new career paths that may have been successful only a few short months ago may not be optimally effective today. PowerMyCareer OS is designed to help transitioning employees quickly create a personal brand, identify and attract new opportunities, and land in their next role no matter where they are.

Resume- Crafting Webinar


Develop highly competitive resumes and online portfolios to leverage yourself on social networks for greater response rates.
   - Interactive Online Portfolio
   - Intuitive Resume Tools
   - Access to Visual CV software

Outplacement | Newland HR Services


In partnership with Jobscan, this tool analyzes and aligns resumes and CVs to job descriptions, optimizing keywords to improve resume performance.
   - ATS Resume Optimization
   - AI Matched Job Suggestions
   - LinkedIn Profile Analysis



In partnership with Hirevue, this tool provides interactive interview training utilizing real-time video technology and professional coaching feedback.
   - Virtual Online Interview Practice
   - Negotiating Job Offers
   - Real-time HD Video Capture

Reskilling Revolution

Reskill Transitioning Employees

Access 350 e-learning courses and certifications designed to provide transitioning employees with the resources needed to achieve their career aspirations faster than ever.
   - Six Sigma
   - Project Management
   - Microsoft Office & QuickBooks Pro
   - Management, Marketing, HR and More!

Job Seeker Attending a Webinar

Expert Guided Webinars

Access engaging webinars that provide you with valuable tips, ideas and insights into a variety of career transition topics, exposing you to a wealth of expertise and information.
  - Writing a Winning Resume
  - Managing Stress
  - Mastering Networking
  - Interviewing with Confidence

PowerMyCareer® Online Solutions

Providing career transition support to exiting employees protects employer reputations while maintaining the morale and engagement of remaining workers. PowerMyCareer OS is designed to give exiting employees, at any level, the outplacement assistance they need to move forward in their careers.

Outplacement | Newland HR Services

Active Participant Guidance

Continual nudges keep participants focused, motivated, and moving through all phases of the job search ensuring a complete experience and in-depth client reporting.

Outplacement | Newland HR Services

Virtual Interview Practice

From knowledge to nuances, learn best practices for all interview types with our technology that enables participants to practice, record and review.

Outplacement | Newland HR Services

Expert Guided Webinars

Modern learning led by experts in all areas of the job search from resume creation, to stress management, to salary negotiations, onboarding essentials, and more.

Outplacement | Newland HR Services

Resume & LinkedIn Support

We optimize participants’ Brand via guided creation and assessment of Resumes and LinkedIn profiles giving participants an edge in competitive markets.

Outplacement | Newland HR Services

AI ATS Analysis and Job Matching

Our participants get the advantage in the fight against gate keeping Applicant Tracking Systems with our specialty built in algorithms and individualized job recommendations.

Outplacement | Newland HR Services

Learning & Development Resources

There is no assurance jobs will be the same moving forward so we provide participants with access to hundreds of courses to upskill and re-skill making them more competitive for re-entry in the modern workforce.

Outplacement | Newland HR Services

Online Registration

Our online registration securely and swiftly enables participants to immediately access the benefits of our program and starts a tutorial enabling participants to target the aspects in which they are most energized.

Outplacement | Newland HR Services

Available Until Participants Land A Job

With over 30 years of experience around the globe, Career Partners International gets those in transition back to work quickly in positions that are right for them. Participants receive access until they find a job.

Outplacement | Newland HR Services

Experts at Your Service

Our team of experienced professionals has helped hundreds of companies adapt to changing business environments. We understand the challenges facing employers and their employees during these challenging times. Let us show you how we can help.

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